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Single Judge Strips Millions of Basic Health Care Decisions, Increases Health Risks for Pregnant Women

By April 7, 2023March 31st, 2024No Comments

WASHINGTON — In response to Judge Kacsmaryk’s decision ordering the Food and Drug Administration to withdraw approval of mifepristone, Health Care for America Now (HCAN) Deputy Executive Director Joel Foster released the following statement:

“A ruling by a single ideological judge will strip millions of the freedom to make their own decisions about their future and the health care they receive. Abortion care is health care, and this decision puts public health at risk. Medication for early abortion, as well as treatment for miscarriage, has been used safely for decades. Both patients and health care providers must have access to safe, reliable treatments, including those for reproductive and abortion care.

“Banning the use of mifepristone in medication abortion is wildly inappropriate and puts pregnant people and families at risk. Denying people the basic opportunity to decide for themselves whether or when to expand their families will have serious health and economic consequences. The fight to ensure everyone can access the health care they need, including abortion, is far from over. We will not stop pushing to hold extreme politicians accountable for denying people the health care they need and will continue to work to ensure everyone can make their own health decisions.”