Our Team

Margarida Jorge

Margarida Jorge, Executive Director

Margarida Jorge is the Executive Director of Health Care for American Now (HCAN). She was a co-founder of the campaign in 2008 and chief architect of the 47 state field program that helped win the Affordable Care Act. Margarida brings nearly three decades of experience to health care advocacy from national and state work. Margarida currently lives in Washington, D.C.

Joel Foster

Joel Foster, Deputy Director

Joel Foster is HCAN’s Deputy Director. He has two decades of experience working on advocacy, political and ballot measure campaigns primarily on issues of economic justice and reproductive rights. He and his family live in northern Virginia.

Bishop Marcia Dinkins

Bishop Marcia Dinkins, State Campaigns Manager

Bishop Marcia Dinkins is a State Campaigns Manager at HCAN and the Executive Director of Black Women Rising in Dayton, Ohio. Marcia has organized campaigns on healthcare, tax fairness, reproductive health and justice, social safety programs and criminal justice nationally and in Ohio for over a decade. She has worked with HCAN since 2016 and lives in Ohio.

Jordan Hevenor

Jordan Hevenor, State Campaigns Manager

Jordan Hevenor is a State Campaigns Manager at HCAN. She has worked in Washington state, Washington, D.C., Ohio and Rhode Island in roles across government, organizing, and campaigns and elections. In 2017 she co-founded The Womxn Project, an art and activism organization, focused on advancing reproductive health care in Rhode Island. She is based in Rhode Island.

Molly Moody

Molly Moody, Senior State Campaigns Manager

Molly Moody is Senior State Campaigns Manager at HCAN. She has worked as an organizer and director in Montana for over 20 years, promoting social justice causes, progressive policies, electoral, and union campaigns. Molly served as HCAN’s lead partner in Montana from 2008-2010. She graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in fine arts. Molly is originally from Indiana, Pennsylvania.