Tax Fairness

Over the last decade, billionaires have increased their wealth by trillions of dollars while paying lower tax rates than middle class workers. All while dozens of price-gouging corporations made record profits while avoiding taxes altogether thanks to loopholes in our two-tiered tax system. To build an economy that works for all of us—one where everyone has access to affordable healthcare, good paying jobs and economic opportunity—the wealthy must pay their fair share of taxes just like the rest of us. It’s time for lawmakers to stop the ultra-rich and wealthy corporations from tax-dodging and from using their hoarded wealth to interfere in our democracy with political donations that drown out the voices and votes of regular people.

April 15, 2024 in Blog, Tax Fairness

Affording Health Care Tomorrow Depends on Taxing the Rich and Corporations Now

Millions of Americans will finish and file their taxes in the next few days, joining their family, neighbors and co-workers in fulfilling a basic responsibility that all Americans share.  Although…
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March 8, 2024 in Lower Drug Prices, Release, Reproductive Healthcare, Tax Fairness

President’s SOTU Touts More Affordable Health Care, Restoration of Reproductive Freedom and Fairer Tax Code to Support Future Investment in America

In response to President Biden’s State of the Union address calling for permanent measures for making healthcare more affordable and higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations to support an…
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November 30, 2023 in Release, Tax Fairness

Billionaires Income Tax Will End Unfair Loopholes and Provide Robust Funding for Essential Programs

WASHINGTON -- Today, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Ron Wyden, introduced the Billionaires Income Tax Act, legislation that would require billionaires to start paying taxes on the gains…
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June 15, 2023 in Blog, Tax Fairness

On the Heels of the Default Crisis, the House GOP is Pushing to Cut Taxes for the Rich and Corporations

It’s only two weeks since Republicans narrowly avoided a national default crisis by passing the Fiscal Responsibility Act, and they are already doing all they can to back away from…
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