HCAN in the News: Oct-Nov 2017 State Roundup

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Since September, HCAN and HCANEF has continued to respond to attacks on our health care on multiple fronts, including robust mobilization against the Graham-Cassidy repeal effort, continued efforts from the Trump administration to undermine and sabotage the law, and support for bi-partisan efforts to stabilize ACA marketplaces and reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

In addition, HCAN and HCANEF partners have worked with a broad set of allies to respond to attacks to Medicaid, Medicare and the ACA in the federal budget and in the tax reform fight, organizing over 164 events in states during October and November to educate the public about the impact of Republican proposals on the middle class, working families and our health care and hold lawmakers accountable for cutting health care to give tax breaks to the rich and corporations.


Arkansas Community Organizations (ACO) held two “No Thanks” press on Nov. 21, one in Little Rock and one in Pine Bluff, as part of HCAN’s “No Thanks” Day of Action during the Thanksgiving Congressional Recess. The Little Rock event received advance coverage: Protest Set on Tax Legislation

The Little Rock event received coverage: Little Rock Protesters Rally Against Service Cuts

ACO’s Pine Bluff event also got brief coverage in the Pine Bluff Commercial (see right).

In addition, ACO generated a series of letters to the editor in the Pine Bluff Commercial from local people that connected the huge tax giveaways in the GOP’s tax plan to cuts in critical healthcare programs. See below. 

LTE’s published in Pine Bluff Commercial, 11/19/17

  1. Oppose cutting health care for wealth care
  2. Don’t cut Medicaid, Medicare to pay for tax breaks
  3. Bill gives tax breaks to the richest


These events built on work from October that also elevated the GOP tax plan and the massive cuts to Medicaid and Medicare that will pay for the corporate tax giveaway. On Halloween, ACO held a rally outside Arkansas Republican headquarters to send a message: Invest in the people instead of giving tax breaks to your wealthy donors. No more tricks to get treats for your buddies!

ACO members and allies also delivered post cards created by kids in the district to Rep. French Hill’s office to demand that he protect health care in the budget on October 4th.


Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement (DelACA) has been working on raising awareness in the state about the impact of repeal and the federal budget and tax fight on Medicaid.

DelACA’s ED, Darlene Battle authored an Op Ed to urge Congress to pass CHIP, 10/25/17

Congress’ Inaction Puts Children’s Health at Risk

On Friday, Oct 27, Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement (DelACA) held a Community Forum on Women’s Health Issues in response to the attacks on women’s health in the federal budget.


Organize Florida staged a direct action at Wells Fargo as a part of HCAN’s November 21 “No Thanks!” Day of Action. A huge puppet of Rick Scott accompanied by 19 supporters, including allies from Indivisible East Hillsborough, marched to Wells Fargo from MacDill Park. A number of speakers joined including: Da’Myra Williams, Teenager with asthma on Kidcare, Isabelle Hall, Teenager on Children’s Medical Services, Darlene Goodfellow, ACA enrollee, Tara Blackwell, USF Adjunct Professor, Marina Welch, Tampa Community Leader and Lepena Reid, AARP Member. The event received coverage below:


Citizen Action of Illinois has continued to focus energy on highlighting Representative Roskam’s support for health care cuts and big tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. On November 16th, Citizen Action and allies organized a large-scale event outside a GOP fundraiser targeting Roskam that drew 250 people. Press coverage:

Excerpt from POLITICO Illinois Playbook:

The Coalition for a Better IL 6th reports that more than 100 people showed up on Friday outside a fundraiser U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam attended to protest his vote on the House tax bill. Video

More than 100 protestors turn out for Roskam appearance at GOP fundraiser in Downers Grove

That event followed an event the week before with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky that featured allies Indivisible, SEIU, and others calling on the GOP to stop their tax bill that would transfer trillions to the rich and corporations paid for by massive cuts to health care.

These November activities followed up an October 4th event in which Citizen Action of IL and IL ARA organized an event to highlight the impact of the federal cuts to Medicaid and Medicare outside Roskam’s district. The event highlighted the tradeoff message about tax cuts for the rich and corporations paid for by cuts to health care. Coverage :

Seniors decry proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid; demand meeting with Roskam

Citizen Action of IL followed up with a Letter to the Editor on the same theme published later in the month:

Seniors At Risk

Citizen Action also produced 2 LTES during Thanksgiving recess to highlight the impact of the tax bill on the middle class:

Leading up to the Senate vote on the GOP Tax Bill, Citizen Action and Allies organized a large demonstration again hammering Roskam for his failure to support constituents against the cuts to healthcare and massive tax giveaway that got coverage.

See story immediately after Navajo section:

Politico IL Playbook also printed a link to the group’s Tweet amidst their story about the first day of candidates filing for office:

Last night, demonstrators were again out in force protesting Roskam: “Somehow .@PeterRoskam didn’t notice 100+ #IL06 constituents trying to speak to their Rep. about the #GOPTaxScam tonight in #Wheaton” Twitter



INDYCAN, HCAN’s Indiana partner has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to urge Senator Donnelly to reject the Trump Tax Plan and to withstand pressure from Republicans to concede on Medicaid cuts. They have been generating great media like this Letter to the Editor from one of their members:

Medicaid Helps Me Live, Don’t Cut it



Maine Street Alliance small business owners are raising their voices to reject the GOP Tax bill that Trump alleges will benefit small businesses and “level the playing field.” In Iowa, an MSA member was interviewed by ABC local 5 on the GOP tax bill and called out the IA delegation for not listening to small businesses in early November. See clip here:

MSA IA held a press call on Oct. 4 to lift up the voice of small business owners in the budget and tax fight urging Sen. Grassley to vote against the federal budget resolution:

lITEP Analysis: Richest One Percent in Iowa Get Half Benefits in GOP plan

MSA IA member, ReShonda Young wrote this Op Ed calling on Sen. Grassley to vote against the bill:

Grassley Can (and should) Stop Budget-Busting Tax Bill, 10/9/17

ReShonda’s story also featured in multiple outlets here:


Maine Small Business Alliance, an affiliate of Maine People’s Alliance and Main Street Alliance, has been active in pressuring Senator Collins and Representative Poliquin to reject the tax proposals that will force cuts in Medicaid and Medicare. The group held a press conference and generated press leading up to and following the House vote to pass the GOP tax bill:

Another small business member, Cathy Walsh, appeared on a local radio show, Community Voices for Change on WMPG in Portland, and discussed a number of issues, highlighting taxes, healthcare, and also hitting on minimum wage, environment, etc. on 11/16. Link to the radio show.

Earlier in November, Maine Small Business Alliance member Amy Belfast published the Letter to the Editor (see right) challenging Rep. Poliquin to explain his support of ACA repeal policies that would hurt small business owners like her and her husband.

ME Small Business Coalition also joined with Maine People’s Alliance and other allies to connect the state’s ballot measure campaign to expand Medicaid and the federal budget that would cut critical programs.

Main Street Alliance also responded to Trump’s sabotage of the ACA and explains small businesses won’t benefit from proliferation of substandard insurance plans and market destabilization that will result. Press from the article in multiple outlets in Maine here:


Progressive Maryland continued to focus on pushing Representative Harris to oppose repeal and cuts to healthcare in the budget over the past several months.

On Oct. 8, Progressive Maryland organized a health care rally and vigil to call out Representative Harris for his vote for a budget resolution that makes massive cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. Press clips from rally and vigil:

And, they also generated a series of LTES and an Op Ed in the local press.

OP ED written by Progressive Maryland member, Wendi Dennis on Harris’ vote for ACA repeal. It also calls on Harris to focus on bipartisan work towards solutions and reject the federal budget that includes deeper cuts to Medicaid and Medicare paid for by trillions in tax breaks for the rich and corporations.

Another leader published this great letter to the editor criticizing Harris and his fellow Republicans for ignoring children’s healthcare while promoting tax breaks for the rich and corporations.

Health of Children Should Be Top Priority

In addition to a great string of LTEs, Progressive Maryland also staged a direct action at a Harris town hall meeting to highlight Harris’ support for the GOP tax plan that give tax breaks to the rich and corporations at the expense of health care. Good coverage of the November 11th event is below:

Andy Harris Talks Tax Reform at Wi-Hi Town Hall

Harris Defends Tax Cut Package at Town Hall

Andy Harris is No Fan of Free Speech

And most recently, Progressive Maryland did a petition delivery to Gov. Hogan’s office urging him to weigh in in opposition of the GOP Tax Bill.


ISAIAH and Take Action Minnesota have been working together over the past few months to put pressure on Representatives Emmer, Paulsen and Lewis to reject healthcare cuts, ACA repeal and the GOP tax bill.

An ISAIAH leader published this letter to the editor in the Star Tribune on November 10th.



Missouri Jobs with Justice and Faith Voices Missouri have teamed up to draw attention to the negative consequences of GOP budget and tax proposals in their state. JwJ generated letters to the editor from local leaders:

Senior Budget Will Devastate

Tax Reform Plan Offers More to Businesses Than People, 11/12/17

JwJ also worked with partners in Mid-MO on the tax plans. Graduate Student Workers held a rally outside Hartzler’s office to protest the removal of graduate tuition waivers in the House TaxPlan.

MU Graduate Students Could See Federal Taxes Increase 350 Percent, 11/13/17

Op Ed generated by JWJ on the importance of passing CHIP:

Children Are in Jeopardy Without Essential Health Insurance Program, 10/30/17

Faith Voices MO organized an action outside Senator Blunt’s Springfield office for the HCAN Thanksgiving recess “No Thanks” Day of Action on November 21st that got local coverage:

Protestors Ask Senator Blunt to Vote Against Tax Reform



HCAN’s newest partner, Battle Born Progress held press events to kick off collection of health care voter pledges earlier this month as part of their plan to make health care a key issue in the upcoming elections. The event got great coverage on multiple stations:

The following week, Battle Born was able to get an activist to place this LTE in the Las Vegas Sun:

Wealthy Win, Health Loses

For the HCAN “No Thanks!” recess day of action on November 21st. Battle Born organized a digital day of action with partners and followers. Battle Born’s labor partner, Culinary 226, participated throughout the day and Congresswoman Titus responded to one of the tweets:

Battle Born also held a press conference with allies outside Sen. Heller’s Las Vegas district office on GOP tax bill and DACA that was live streamed.



On October 4th, Rights and Democracy NH and Granite State Organizing Project collaborated on a Health Care Community Forum to speak out against cuts to Medicaid and Medicare to pay for tax breaks for the rich and corporation. Over 30 people attended the forum in Manchester, NH. Participants shared their health care stories and front line voices represented including a retired surgeon. NH State Rep Backus attended and spoke at the forum as well.

RAD, GSOP, GSP held a kick off celebration and press conference to raise awareness on open enrollment. Shortly after the press conference, members delivered an oversized check to Governor Sununu representing the pay out the rich will get under the new tax plan. See pics and press clip below:

Open Enrollment Begins for Affordable Care Act.

RAD responds to Trump’s Sabotage of ACA:

Rights and Democracy Decries Trump’s Executive Actions on Health Care




New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA) has its hands full with multiple House GOP targeted lawmakers who are sensitive to various provisions of the GOP Tax bill including the elimination of the SALT deduction. NJCA is working with AFSCME, MSA, NJOP and numerous allies to generate pressure in these districts.

Main Street Alliance of NJ is also stepping up pressure using small business voices to critique the tax bill.

MSA small business member generated this op-ed in mid-November:

And also generated this Letter to the Editor during the Thanksgiving recess:

LTE: GOP tax cut wouldn’t benefit my business

MSA generated these two clips following a press call on Ocbober 11th to expose the fact that small businesses won’t benefit from the GOP tax bill:

HCAN ally New Jersey Organizing Project organized a great rapid response action in response to a visit from Secretary Mnuchin and Ivanka Trump that got great coverage locally. See clips:

​And photos here:

In October, NJCA also generated good press about the actions that President Trump took to sabotage the ACA through a series of executive and administrative decisions. See clips:


Citizen Action of New York (CANY) has been working in key targeted upstate GOP districts over the past year on both stopping ACA repeal and on creating pressure for these lawmakers to reject the Republican budget resolution and now tax reform. CANY leads a large coalition also working on these issues.

In November, CANY organized attendance at Rep. Reed’s town hall meeting on the 20th. Reed explained tax reform scenarios that agitated the crowd and prompted angry responses.


On October 4th Action North Carolina (Action NC) members, led by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, held a press conference at the Government Center in Charlotte to highlight the budget proposal’s hidden attacks on healthcare and the lies being told about who will benefit from the tax cuts. TV coverage focused heavily on the wolf’s costume as well as the message.

Demonstrators Fight to Save Affordable Care Act


HCANEF partner Valley Voices United organized a great action for the November 21st “No Thanks” Day of action featuring local elected officials and impacted people. The event got good coverage locally:

Local Group Criticizes GOP Tax Plan

Op Ed by Valley Voices’ local leader to share personal story on impact of Medicaid Cuts:

GOP’s Drastic Medicaid Cuts Would be Devastating for HIV-positive Ohioans Like Me, 10/18/17

Another HCAN partner, Faith in Public Life, recruited Ohio Leader Rev. Tim Ahrens of First Congregational Church speaks out in opposition of the Johnson Amendment repeal in the tax bill that would lift the separation of church and state protections if passed.

Faith Leader Rejects the GOP Tax Bill



Oregon Main Street Alliance generated a great letter to the editor in mid-November highlighting the impact of the new GOP tax plan on small business owners:

New Tax Plan Will Hurt People Who Can Least Afford it Including Small Business Owners



PA HCAN partners Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN), POWER and POWER NE have been working together to stop the GOP tax plan in key targeted House Districts including the November action in Meehan’s district mentioned in this clip:

Rep. Costello a ‘yes’ vote on tax bill

A POWER Member wrote this LTE following a meeting with Rep. Costello on proposed budget and tax plans:

Thanks to Costello for Hearing Concerns, 10/25/17

Earlier, In October, POWER organized a clergy led health care vigil at Arlington Cemetery in Rep. Meehan’s district. Clergy honored lives lost by the opioid crisis and called on Rep. Meehan to protect people struggling with addition by supporting Medicaid. They emphasized that it is a moral imperative to stop health care cuts to fund tax breaks to the rich.  POWER leader Reverend Tim Johansen wrote this Op ED that highlights the connection between budget cuts to Medicaid and the opioid crisis from a moral, faith based perspective.

Guest Column: Don’t Cut Medicaid in Midst of Opioid Epidemic

In addition, PHAN organized a Halloween “Trick or Treat” Action outside Rep. Dent’s South Whitehall Township district office that got coverage here:

Monstrous or MAGA: Lehigh Valley views on tax cut plan

PHAN partners also generated good press in response to Trump’s sabotage of ACA:



Tennessee Citizen Action (TNCA) has been targeting Senator on the tax bill using the increased deficit that would ensue as a result of the bill as a wedge issue to continue the divide and delay strategy.

On November 27 TNCA organized a protest outside Senator Corker’s Jonesborough district office.

Demonstrators Urge Bob Corker to Oppose GOP Tax Bill

Earlier in November, TNCA organized a rally on Franklin Square calling out Rep. Blackburn to oppose the tax bill. Photo from the rally included in this recent clip about the tax bill’s disproporationate impact on seniors and low and moderate income families:

Tax Bills Raise Concerns for older Tennesseans, Medicare Funding and All Claiming Medical Deductions

TNCA also generated this Letter to the Editor from a member in Sumner County directed at Diane Black ahead of healthcare/tax vote.

Rep. Diane Black Robs the Poor and Gives to the Rich



Rights and Democracy VT has been extremely active in the fight to protect and defend health care in VT and DC. They have been targeting Governor Scott and were successful in getting him to weigh in in opposition of the repeal bills in the House and Senate.

RAD member Genie Raynor wrote this LTE to highlight RAD’s work to defeat the ACA repeal bill and commitment to fight to protect health care.

Will Fight for Health Care However Often is Needed, 9/27/17

Main Street Alliance in VT has also been active in VT lifting up the small business voice in the repeal fight.  MSA Vermont Member, Matt Birong, wrote and submitted this op-ed offering a small business perspective on the budget and tax proposals from the GOP.

Scott and Vermont Are on Right Side of Health Care, 10/8/17

Matt’s OP ED also printed in the Addison Independent



Al Jazeera interviewed Virginia Organizing’s Eunice Haigler on GOP tax bill and how it impacts her health care



West Virginia Citizen Action Group (WVCAG) organized a November 21st “No Thanks” Action in Charlottesville that got coverage here:

W.V. Groups Oppose Tax Reform Urge Capito To Reject Bill

Advocates Worried Health Programs Will Pay for Tax Cuts

Talking About Taxes: Protesters Rally Against Tax Reform

WVCAG continued pressure on Senator Capito with a rally outside her Charleston office on November 29th, the day before the expected Senate vote on the tax bill:

Capito Votes To Proceed on Tax Reform; Manchin Opposes

Main Street Alliance WV Leader Martha Ehlman, wrote this Op Ed on the budget and tax plan related to medicaid cuts.

GOP Tax Plans Would be a Disaster for Small Business, 10/22/17



Citizen Action of Wisconsin turned out over 100 people for a forum in Paul Ryan’s district that got good coverage making the case that “tax reform” advocates in DC are trying to quietly and quickly pass tax cuts that would slash Medicare by $500 billion.

Speaker Ryan is Selling GOP Tax Cuts but Milwaukee Realtors Aren’t Buying

On October 4th, Citizen Action held a press conference on the steps of Senator Johnson’s Milwaukee district office to urge Congress to Renew Funding for CHIP

Citizen Action of Wisconsin and Partners Urge Congress to Renew Funding for Federal Health Programs

Citizen Action also held a great press conference with Rep. Moore, Mayor Barrett, Mayor Bukiewicz to oppose GOP Tax Bill on November 20th. See press below:

Watch Rep. Gwen Moore and Mayor Tom Barrett Come Together to Oppose GOP Tax Plans

Additional press clip from Citizen Action’s press conference here:

The Devil’s Advocate’s

Citizen Action of Wisconsin also organized a robust response to the Trump’s announcement about ending Cost Sharing Reduction payments that garnered very extensive coverage in the press. The press was generated from an in person event, press conference call and a number of 1-1 interviews. See below.

US News (Oct. 13, 2017) Loss of Subsidies Fuels Wisconsin Health Insurance Hike 

Chicago Tribune (Oct 13, 2017) Wisconsin Democrats call for action in light of subsidy loss 

Wisconsin Radio Network (Oct 13, 2017) Trump orders on Obamacare fuel uncertainty in Wisconsin

Minneapolis Star Tribune (Oct. 13, 2017) Loss of Subsidies Fuels Wisconsin Health Insurance Hike 

WXPR (Oct 13, 2017) Bills Would Increase Transparency In Drug Pricing 

Minnesota Public Radio (Oct. 13, 2017) Loss of Subsidies Fuels Wisconsin Health Insurance Hike  

NBC 26 (Oct. 13, 2017) Loss of Subsidies Fuels Wisconsin Health Insurance Hike 

Chippewa Herald (Oct. 13, 2017)  Wisconsin reacts to large Obamacare premium increases 

Journal Times (Oct. 13, 2017)  Wisconsin reacts to large Obamacare premium increases 

La Crosse Tribune (Oct. 13, 2017)  Wisconsin reacts to large Obamacare premium increases

WISC News (Oct. 13, 2017)  Wisconsin reacts to large Obamacare premium increases 

Wis State Journal (Oct. 13, 2017)  Wisconsin reacts to large Obamacare premium increases 

Waukesha Freeman (Oct. 13, 2017) Loss of subsidies fuels Wisconsin health insurance hike 

Cap Times (Oct. 13, 2017)  Citizen Action of Wisconsin: Wisconsin can save itself from Trump’s healthcare ‘sabotage’ by expanding BadgerCare

MClatchy (Oct. 13, 2017) Loss of Subsidies Fuels Wisconsin Health Insurance Hike 

La Crosse Tribune (Oct. 13, 2017) Loss of Subsidies Fuels Wisconsin Health Insurance Hike

Fox 11 Green Bay (Oct. 13, 2017) Loss of Subsidies Fuels Wisconsin Health Insurance Hike 

Resistance Radio 1510 AM (October 13, 2017) Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig Discusses Trump’s Health Care Sabotage with Devil’s Advocates 

WAOW TV 9 Wausau (October 13, 2017) Trump’s Health Care Plan Draws Criticism from Lawmakers 

WXerfm (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

WNFL (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

1065am (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

b93radio (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

WTAQ radio (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

WDEZ radio (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin

WHBL (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

WIFC Radio (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

WIXX Radio (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

WSAU (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

94.3 jack fm (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

94.7 radio (October 16, 2017) Obamacare uncertainty in Wisconsin 

Shepherd Express (October 17, 2017) Senator Johnson’s Assault on Health Care 

Door County Daily News (October 17, 2017) Rep Genrich Pushes for BadgerCare Buy-In Solution 

Northwoods River News (October 19, 2017) What Trump’s Health Care Actions Mean for Wisconsin 

Lakeland Times (October 20, 2017) What Trump’s Health Care Actions Means for Wisconsin 

Wisconsin Gazette (October 19, 2017) BadgerCare Should Be for Everyone Who Wants It 

Capital Times (October 20, 2017) Let All Wisconsinites Buy into BadgerCare 

NBC TV 12 Rhinelander (October 20, 2017) Duffy on Bipartisan Health Care Deal 

WXPR Radio Rhinelander (October 20, 2017) Group Lobbies for Wisconsin BadgerCare Public Option 

WXPR Radio Rhinelander (October 20, 2017) Rep. Duffy Talks Healthcare During Northwoods Stops



HCAN generated this OP Ed about a personal story of the impact on Congress failing to pass CHIP

Congress Just Let the Program that Keeps My Daughter Alive Expire, 10/4/17

Leading up to the Senate vote on the Tax Bill, HCAN also worked with partner Doctors for America (DFA) to generate this op-ed from a physician featured in Newsweek:

Trump’s Tax Plan is Seriously Bad for Our Health

National HCAN partner Faith in Public Life has engaged their network of clergy to fight for health and stop the immoral federal budget and tax cut plan.

On November 28th, hundreds of clergy and community leaders across the nation called on Senators to reject the Republican Tax plan that will soon face a floor vote. Faith in Public Life Action Fund (FPLAF) mobilized faith leaders from Florida to Tennessee to Maine, denouncing the current tax bill as immoral and reckless for fattening the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

Faith in Public Life organized a clergy led press conference on November 28th outside Senator Rubio’s Jacksonville district office to protest against the immoral tax bill. Press clips and pics here:

Jax Preachers Call Senate Tax Plan Economic Genocide

Jacksonville Clergy Coalition Calls Florida’s US Senators to Reject Proposed Tax Plan

Faith Leaders: Republican Tax Reform Bill is ‘Immoral’, ‘Attack on American Families’

On November 28, FPL organized a clergy led press conference to oppose the GOP tax bill in Maine targeting key Senator Susan Collins. Faith Leaders and community members gathered in front of St. Luke’s Cathedral in Portland and called on Senator Collins to vote no on the tax bill.


Maine Faith Leaders: Tax Plan ‘Neither Just Nor Moral’

HCAN national partner Main Street Alliance (MSA) organized a national press event in mid November featuring Senator Elizabeth Warren making the case about the dangers of the GOP Tax Bill for small businesses.

Elizabeth Warren: Republican Tax Plan Will Hurt Small Businesses and Their Customers

MSA Sign On Letter: In addition, hours ahead of the critical vote in the Senate, more than 1,500 Main Street Alliance small business owners from around the country signed a letter that was delivered to Capitol Hill  opposing the Republican tax bill, calling instead for strong investment in communities and healthcare.

MSA has engaged on the health care fight on multiple fronts over the past several months.

In October, MSA responded to Trump’s ACA Executive Order to sabotage the ACA, raising the voices of small business to explain how the proliferation of substandard insurance plans and market destabilization hurts Main Street.

Trump Order Encourages Cheap Insurance Plans Not Subject to Obamacare Rules, 10/12/17

MSA has also worked on challenging the GOP Tax bill, making the case that small businesses and their communities will pay for the massive budget cuts and tax cuts.

The Last Chance for Tax Reform, 10/20/17

MSA worked on with HCAN ally Not One Penny on social media narrative that small businesses reject the GOP’s tax bill with these 2 videos.

Mike Price – Facebook   Twitter

Mike is a small business owner in Atlantic City, who’s done work for the Trump Organization in the past. Today, he’s speaking out against the Republican tax plan, concerned that it’ll tip the scales even more in favor of millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations. Take a look and join us in demanding #NotOnePenny in tax cuts for the rich.


Randy Ellis – Facebook  Twitter

“I don’t understand where they’re coming from. What are they thinking?”

That’s what Randy – a small business owner in New Jersey – has to say about the Republican tax plan.

MSA was also featured on Breaking Through with Kristin Rowe-Finkbreiner, episode title “Rise Up! No #GopTaxScam Yes #HealthcareForAll” aired on Nov 27.

Another link to MSA on the radio is here:

MSA Member Jim Houser is featured in the tweet.



PICO’s Political Director, Bishop Dwayne Royster, penned this Op Ed in the Huffington Post to lift up the moral argument against tax breaks to the 1 percent paid for by poor people and middle class families.

Senate Must Not Cut Health Care to Pay for Tax Breaks, 11/28/17