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New GOP House Majority Prioritizes Shielding the Ultra Rich from Paying their Fair Share of Taxes On Their First Day

By January 10, 2023March 31st, 2024No Comments

WASHINGTON – In response to House Republicans voting to roll back critical enforcement funding for the IRS included in the Inflation Reduction Act, Health Care for America Now (HCAN) Executive Director Margarida Jorge released the following statement:

The last time the GOP controlled Congress they voted to pass the Trump tax law that gave trillions in tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations while cutting health care to pay for it. Now that they are back in charge, it’s clear their priorities haven’t changed. Their very first action with control of the House of Representatives is to protect the richest people in the country, including millionaires and billionaires who typically pay lower tax rates than middle-class workers like firefighters, nurses and teachers. House Republicans moved to roll back more than $70 billion for tax enforcement activities to catch wealthy and corporate tax cheats. Rolling back the Inflation Reduction Act’s tax enforcement provisions will enable rich households to keep taking advantage of tax loopholes and understaffing at the IRS so that they never pay their fair share like the rest of us.

“This move is all too consistent for a GOP with a long track record of protecting corporations and the ultra-wealthy from paying what they owe. Despite widespread support throughout the GOP base for closing the tax gap between the wealthiest in our country and working people, Republican lawmakers are putting their wealthy donors first and shielding them from accountability, which may result in $7 trillion in lost tax revenue over the next decade. House Republicans have proven that their number one priority is protecting tax cheats who skirt the law while everyday Americans play by the rules.

“Instead of rolling back popular laws that make our tax system more fair and extending giveaways like the 2017 Trump tax cuts, Republican leaders should work to make the rich and corporations pay their fair share toward supporting our economy.”