HCAN In The News: Highlights from Tax Fight Dec 2017

By December 30, 2017No Comments


HCAN & HCANEF continued to leverage the power and capacity of our state and national partner organizations in December, 2017 as we joined with our partners at Americans for Tax Fairness and the broader progressive community to stop the Trump tax giveaway. Besides a tremendous public education and organizing effort from the groups, HCAN partners also helped drive a narrative that connected the massive tax cuts for the rich and Wall Street to health care cuts and tax hikes for working families.

Although we did not stop the tax bill from passing, HCAN partners made huge contributions—including over 225 events in just three months–to shaping a narrative that made this bill historically unpopular and mobilizing the public against it. ATF called our effort “the backbone of our entire field effort.”

Read the full report for some highlights mainly from our December activities.