Biden’s ACA Improvement Will Expand Affordable Health Care Access for Families

By April 5, 2022No Comments

WASHINGTON — In response to President Joe Biden’s announcement of an administrative rule change to address the Affordable Care Act’s “family glitch,” Health Care for America Now Executive Director Margarida Jorge released the following statement:

“Today’s proposed rule change from the Biden administration is a major step that will make health insurance more affordable and accessible for millions of families priced out of affordable coverage. Right now, more than five million people are caught in the ‘family glitch,’ leaving them ineligible for tax credits to buy family health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act and forcing them to pay more for expensive employer-provided healthcare or go without insurance.

“This is another important step toward making health care more affordable for more people in our country, which is a top concern for families, businesses, and individuals. Thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, ACA premiums are even more affordable than ever. A record number of people have enrolled in ACA health insurance plans and are getting affordable, reliable coverage they can count on.  Soon even more families will be able to lower their health insurance costs by hundreds of dollars a month by enrolling in ACA plans rather than being forced onto more expensive employer plans. An estimated 200,000 people who currently have no coverage will also gain insurance under this rule change.

“After more than 10 years, the ACA continues to deliver on expanding coverage and making health care more affordable for all despite persistent Republican efforts to block progress, sabotage the law and leave people on their own when it comes to health care. The Biden administration should keep doing everything in its power to overcome obstructionist Republicans and deliver what people need.”