American Jobs Plan Makes Long-Overdue Investment in Workers and Families

By March 31, 2021No Comments

Biden’s Recovery Plan Makes Finally Puts Jobs and Finally Puts Healthcare Over Wealthcare to Build an Economy that Works for All 

WASHINGTON — Ahead of President Biden’s unveiling of his administration’s American Jobs Plan later today, Health Care for America Now Executive Director Margarida Jorge released the following statement:

 “President Biden’s American Jobs Plan prioritizes workers and families over millionaires and corporate executives. In putting forward this plan, the Biden administration is following through on promises to reshape the economy and ‘build back better,’ so that everyone has a fair shot at opportunity, mobility and prosperity, not just wealthy households and corporations that keep getting richer while paying less in taxes than the middle class.

“The American Jobs Plan creates jobs, expands critically needed homecare services for seniors and people with disabilities and finally addresses the nation’s crumbling roads, bridges and schools. The proposal includes critical infrastructure investments that address climate change, water systems, transportation, broadband and other essential features that heavily impact health outcomes over time. No matter where people live, what they look like, or what kind of job they do–everyone needs clean air and water, a decent-paying job, safe buildings and roads and basic utilities like broadband which is increasingly important given the spread of telehealth. Moreover, the pandemic has shown us the dangers of inadequate investment in community based and home based services that more and more people depend on as the population ages and the number of people with disabilities increases.

“President Biden’s investments will improve health outcomes and economic security for millions in the long run and address key social and economic disparities that leave Native Americans, Blacks and Latinos behind on nearly every measure of health. Our country can absolutely afford these bold investments by rolling back some of Trump’s 2017 tax breaks for the rich and corporations, taxing wealth like work and enacting prescription drug reforms that generate savings. Every one of these reforms is long overdue and every Member of Congress should support President Biden’s proposals to put jobs and healthcare over wealthcare.”


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